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Friday, February 25, 2011

cut the fabric last night and ready to sew! the seersucker is very thin and may be a little too sheer which i didn't think about before hand, but this will still be good practice!

i may make another pair with this soft and pretty coral cotton i found while fabric shopping last week. found lots of inexpensive fabrics. not sure what i'll do with them just yet, but i've got some neat ideas floatin around in my head. i'll post pictures of the fabrics tonight!

patterns after cutting out and putting together.

cut pieces and pinned seams, ready to sew!



i need to go shopping for some pretty lace to possibly use on the leg openings. not sure how it will look with the seersucker, but maybe with the coral pair.

also! if anyone has a good pattern for high waist shorts let me know! i want them to be sorta like hot pants-short, fitted, side zipper, no pockets. i've got a pair of black satin shorts that are exactly what i want, but i really want to use the coral i think! might try to make my own pattern using the shorts i own.

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